Charleston Air Force Base Address
Charleston AFB SC, 29404

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Charleston AFB, South Carolina


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Charleston Air Force Base

Charleston AFB is an Air Force Base located in North Charleston, South Carolina and was built in 1931, although it has started being used in 1941. Present-day Commander, Colonel John C. Millander has stated that the base's mission is to "provide airlift of troops, passengers and military equipment" and the only way they could proficiently do this is by carefully training troops. Charleston gets its name from the near-by city of North Charleston. It is home to the 437th Airlift Wing. The logo of the base is somehow ambiguous as it features a pair of wings and a soldier, which probably convey the symbolic meaning of research, training and flight.

Charleston has been important throughout its existence, as it has powerfully aided the USAF during World War II, training troops in the field of B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators. Nevertheless, the base is still very important as it trains troops and has a very important primary mission. Though it has no active-duty calls, education is the word when one wants to describe today's Charleston AFB.

Charleston is not very well looked upon by the press as it has received many bad reviews, on the fact that there are many noise complaints, due to the C-17 aircraft used at the HQ. This is mainly because, as opposed to other military bases, Charleston does not have sound barriers for sonic proof. However, they welcome newcomers and their housing facilities are very good, once there has been a request at the base's HQ for accommodation. They do warn you that the attraction near the base are few and far between, so you will either train a lot, or you will practice a sport during your spare time. Charleston is part of the bases which do not offer information about the number of troops garrisoned.